29 April 2018

AcroYoga @ Dili Wellness
with guest teachers Victoria & Dave from Australia:

Come and experience the magic of flight!

Tori McIarty from Australia is returning to TImor-Leste, this time bringing Dave Ravi, a real life ninja warrior and AcroYogi with her.

AcroYoga is unlike your average yoga class. Yes, it works on flexibility, strength, and connection within ourselves, but you will be having so much fun and moving in different ways than you are used to you that may not even realize this is happening. This practice gets you back in touch with your inner child and what makes you smile.

AcroYoga is the fusion of acrobatics, yoga, and Thai Massage. These three elements combine to produce a practice that creates growth, connection, and trust, both in the individual and the group/partner dynamic.  Your world will be turned upside down in all the good ways.

The three roles of AcroYoga are Base, Flyer, and Spotter. In these workshops you will be taught the fundamentals of all three roles to allow you to safely practice and share the basics of AcroYoga with your friends. The three bodies/roles come together to laugh, grow, and support each other in creating shapes, flows, and balances that alone we are unable to achieve.

All workshops offered are foundational workshops suitable to complete beginners!  You are not required to be strong, fit, or flexible. You are required to show up, have a go, and enjoy yourself.  :)

Please join us for these life changing workshops. We guarantee you will surprise yourself with what you are able to achieve!

Friday 11 May
3:30-5:30pm Kids (2 hours)
6:00-8:30pm Adults (2.5 hours)

Saturday 12 May
12:30-2:30pm Kids (2 hours)
3:00-6:00pm Adults (3 hours)

Sunday 13 May
9:00-11:00am Kids (2 hours)
12:30-3:30pm Adults (3 hours)

Price = $30 per workshop, or $80 for all 3 workshops.
Pre-registration is required!  Contact diliwellness@gmail.com to register.

AcroYoga Workshops (adults):

Workshop #1 = The Magic of Flight
This first workshop will introduce you to the techniques and foundational principles of AcroYoga. This workshop is designed to give you achievable progressions that can be built upon throughout the session, giving you the confidence and skills to Base, Fly, and Spot a wide range of AcroYoga poses.

Workshop #2 = The Space Between
Transitions.  The foundation of AcroYoga classes teach you the basic poses and shapes. You learn one pose and come down. This workshop will assist you in joining the poses together and focussing on the bits in between the poses.

You will find more flow in your AcroYoga practice by learning and refining the techniques to move safely and smoothly between poses. Throughout this workshop you will learn skills to take away and apply when learning, creating, and sharing AcroYoga "washing machines". Knowing how to safely transition between different poses will open up a whole new world of possibilities! With a few basic transitions you will be able to perform and create a wide variety of flows.

This workshop is open to all levels from beginners and we will give variations for the people that already have an established AcroYoga practice.

Workshop #3 = The Gift of Bliss
Join us for nurturing goodness in a safe and supportive environment surrounded my magical people.

The workshop will begin with some short individual exercises to ground and centre the energy and allow you to start to soften and release any tension from your body.  We will then come together for some group and partner stretches and movement, allowing your muscles to gently warm-up and feel the love.

Once you are feeling ready we will be sharing the gift of therapeutic flying. This involves giving and receiving suspended stretches and massages, the suspension allows a stretch that is rare to find. As the base you will increase the softness and listening in your touch and flying stability. As the flyer you will experience the surrender and healing goodness from a therapeutic flight.

We will then land into the magical world of Thai Massage and blissful floating. We will exchange guided Thai Massage. As a giver this can become your yoga practice and a beautiful way to share connection through your touch. As a receiver you will journey to the land of bliss in a beautifully supported way.

To finish you will be guided through a short intuitive meditation leaving you feeling peaceful and whole to start the amazing week ahead.


AcroYoga Workshops (kids):

Over the weekend Tori and Dave will be offering 3 unique workshops to help your children explore new movement patterns, build their confidence, and have some physical fun.

All workshops are born from the AcroYoga practice, and with the diverse backgrounds and skills of Dave and Tori they will include input from different movement areas such as parkour and circus.

Some of the fun will involve building human pyramids, different kinds of stacking, and basic AcroYoga/partner balances and poses.

Register your children in one or all of these fun filled workshops that will help build their social skills and see them become more confident and coordinated throughout all their activities.

Each workshop is run independently of the others and while there is definitely an added benefit to attend all three, kids are welcome to come to one, two, or all three workshops.

Workshop #1 = 3, 2, 1  TAKEOFF 🛫 
Our first workshop will be themed around interactive games and movement exercises to get the kids comfortable with each other, and building camaraderie and trust within the group. Teamwork and healthy interactions will be a strong focus through all of our workshops. Together the kids will learn about what becomes possible when they interact and work together in partnerships and groups.

Workshop #2 = Flying Superheroes
Lets have some fun!
Dress up as your favorite superhero and learn to fly through the sky.
In our second workshop we will be expanding on the AcroYoga poses that we started in workshop 1 and we will be adding a little choreographed flow using these poses. This workshop is aimed at building self-confidence, body awareness, and balance. Dressed as superheros with big smiles on their faces, the room will be full of laughs as the children base and fly each other through the new moves they have learned. Children will take away skills that they can safely share with their friends in the playground and at parks.

Workshop #3 = Up, Down, & All Around
Our third workshop will explore movements through different levels and in different directions. We will adventure through different animal movements and emotions, evoking imagination and freedom of expression. We encourage elaborate movement and noises to demonstrate their interpretation of that animal as individuals and through AcroYoga poses. To build coordination and confidence we will be teaching safe ways to jump and fall. The other focus of this workshop is problem solving through fun movement activities. The kids will be given the freedom and encouragement to work out the solution and create unique, fun, and rewarding outcomes.


Victoria Mclarty (Tori) (Western Australia)
Flying high any place, any time!  Strong, Kind, Humble.  Tori brings commitment, contemplation, and courage to every situation!

Tori is a passionate AcroYoga, flying trapeze, yoga, and movement teacher from Perth, Western Australia. From a young age she was talented and adventurous. Representing her state in horse riding, touch rugby, and surfing her travels began early in life.

Tori's self-connection, "go the extra mile" and "we've got this" attitude are what draw people close to her. She has a wide and varied foundation from corporate health promotion to hands-on construction work, and a whole lot in between. These experiences combined with her zest for life marry into a balanced and magnetic teaching style. She is always looking for new ways to learn and create magic.

Adventure is in Tori's blood and this, fueled by a want to enhance her life experiences, has taken her all over the world. Life has ignited a fire inside her: the need to share her love and excitement for movement, healthy connections, and being in tune with yourself to be able to experience all that is out there.  Tori lives what she teaches and is beyond excited to share the practice of AcroYoga with you. Tori is looking forward to flying in Timor-Leste again!

Where to Find Me:
Instagram: @fireflightyoga
Facebook: Victoria Mclarty
Online: Fireflightyoga.com.au

Dave Ravi
Hi!  I'm Dave, and I'm a real life ninja.
Despite having a passion for almost all sports and forms of movement, AcroYoga has been an extremely positive addition to my life, so much so that I flew myself all around the world to become a certified teacher and share this amazing practice with others.

The small details are everything in AcroYoga, and I'm firm believer in the importance of spotting.

I teach classes at the Ninja Academy in Perth, Australia and am available for private sessions.

The Important Stuff:
Australian Ninja Warrior Semi-Finalist
Certified AcroYoga Teacher
Founder of Ninja Academy, Perth, Australia

The Fun Stuff:
Parkour, Calisthenics, Rock Climbing, Hand Balancing, Circus, and Movement.

Follow My Journey:
Instagram: @daveravininja
Facebook: Dave Ravi - Ninja Warrior (athlete page)
Online: www.ninjaacademy.com.au

03 April 2018

Biomechanics & Kinetics Sessions with Prideaux Joyce
@ Dili Wellness, by appointment:

Mondays 1:00 - 5:00pm;
Thursdays 8:00am - 12:00pm noon.

Biomechanics & Kinetics sessions can assist to prevent and recover from injury, and overcome discomfort.

18 September 2017

Dili Wellness is so fortunate to have such an amazing group of talented, generous, inspiring, and beautiful instructors....sharing their passions and gifts with the Timor-Leste community. We welcome you to come in to the studio/cafe for yoga, Pilates, dance, massage, 
and delicious, healthy food.  

30 August 2017

Yoga for Freedom....at Dili Wellness

Thursday 21 September, 6:15-7:30pm
@ Dili Wellness

Yoga for Freedom (previously known as the International Yogathon for World Peace) is a week-long global yoga and social change charity movement September 17 - 23, 2017.

Throughout this week yogis and yoga studios from all over the world will stand in solidarity in the spirit of compassionate action to give back and create a meaningful difference in the world by leading yoga events and workshops in their own local communities.

The 2017 theme is MOKSHA, or LIBERATION.

100% of the proceeds of Emma's class will be donated to Yoga for Freedom, which is donating 80% from all Yoga for Freedom events toward the freedom of girls and women who have experienced sex trafficking, slavery, and exploitation in Asia through Art to Healing.

Come join the Dili Wellness yoga community in solidarity with this movement for a special yoga class dedicated to yoga for social change, guided by yoga instructor Emma Parker!  Additional Yoga For Freedom events in Dili will be hosted by Emma Parker at FOKUPERS, and by Ahimsa-ka Satya.  Contact them directly for more information.

Vist: http://www.yogaforfreedom.org.au/ for more details on the movement.