18 February 2014

===  Intermediate Flow Yoga classes  ===
with guest instructor Karolina Hermansson from Sweden!
2 classes:
Friday 28 February
6:15-7:45pm @ the Upstairs Studio
Saturday 29 February 12:30-2:10pm @ the Upstairs Studio
$20usd per class.
Minimum of 6 people registered to run the classes.  Drop-in’s also accepted.
Advanced pre-registration required. 
Contact Colleen to register: +670-7746-3733, diliwellness@gmail.com.

 Friday 28 February 6:15-7:45pm:     Yoga Dynamic Flow-
a class focusing on hip-opening and balance in a fun and dynamic way.  Practice staying with your breath in longer, more difficult sequences, or go with the flow and challenge yourself to try new asanas.  We will work up to more advanced postures throughout this practice.

Saturday 29 February 12:30-2:10pm:     Move From Your Core-
Find your inner strength.  Core muscles are essential in finding balance in our practice, in carrying ourselves with pride, and in keeping our spine in good condition.  This workshop style class will help you find and understand the mula bandha and how you can use it in your warrior poses, arm balances, and vinyasas.  Moving from your core also aims to explore integrating the higher chakras into your practice.

Karolina first got in contact with yoga and Pilates when recovering from a knee injury in 2002.  “As a basketball player and snowboarder I was used to moving my body and I primarily started dong yoga for the physical challenge as part of my recovery.  Surprisingly, as I did my come-back on the basketball court I was a better player than before my injury.  My technical skills had improved as well as my inner focus and joy in being able to play again.  It was then that I realized I was hooked on yoga!  Through yoga I have learned so much more about myself both physically and mentally, and continue to do so.  I teach to learn and I learn to teach; Learning by doing and teaching to share.”

Karolina has a bachelors degree in Physical Therapy from Uppsala University in Sweden.  During her university studies she also earned her Pilates certification in STOTT Pilates in Stockholm.  She started to teach Pilates in 2010 and took a 100h yoga instructor training the same year.  In July 2012 she completed the YogaWorks 200 hour teacher training certification course in Oslo, Norway.  More recently Karolina has been teaching yoga flow style and wind down yoga classes.  She also teaches basic Pilates courses in conjunction with her work as a physical therapist.  Right now she is traveling around South East Asia for a couple of months before moving back to Sweden.  Karolina’s teaching style is described as simultaneously strong and gentle.

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