16 March 2016

This Friday 18 March Sandra's 9:00-10:30am and 12:30-1:15pm yoga classes will be taught by guest instructor Nicole Seibel. Please come try Nicole's classes and welcome her as a new instructor at Dili Wellness!
Nicole is new to teaching yoga, more often seen as a yoga student at Dili Wellness. She will support Dili Wellness as a substitute yoga teacher when needed. Nicole completed a 200 hour yoga teaching certification in 2015 in Bali at the School of the Sacred Arts with focus on hatha and vinyasa style.
Nicole’s main aim is to encourage people who have never practiced yoga to try. Many people have the perception that they are too old, too inflexible, or too out of shape to do yoga, but yoga is for every type of body. If you can breathe, you can come join the practice. Nicole speaks Tetum and Portuguese. Timor-oan bem vindu ba aula!
Class description: Hatha vinyasa style. The pace may be slow with longer holds of stretch positions or a faster flow style depending on the energy of the participants. Classes will include options to accommodate people at different levels.

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