22 May 2016

·       We are happy to welcome guest yoga instructor
Andrea Volfova from the Czech Republic!
Andrea will be teaching a short series of drop-in Vinyasa Flow yoga classes at Dili Wellness:
Monday 06, Wednesday 08, Monday 13, & Wednesday 15 June, 2016
6:00-7:30pm, $5 drop-in

Andrea's dynamic vinyasa classes are suitable for all levels, moving at a moderate pace that allows for both flow and attention to good alignment. We begin with pranayama and proceed through an ashtanga-inspired sequence that varies with each class. We will always set aside a bit of time to play and have fun as we explore more challenging asanas, only to be rewarded by delicious guided savasana in the end. 

Andrea hails from the Czech Republic, seeing herself as a citizen of the world thanks to her studies and work over the past twenty years in countries as diverse as Belgium, Burundi, Sudan, United Kingdom, United States—and none other than Timor-Leste.  As someone born with a heart condition that is corrected by a pacemaker, Andrea did not have much exposure to sport in early life and only discovered its beauty gradually in her early twenties.  Andrea is passionate about yoga, which she sees as a unique recipe for “adding years to life and life to years.”  She first came across yoga in 2001 in a Baron Baptiste studio in Boston, United States, but became a regular practitioner only when work for the UN brought her to East Timor and to Dili Wellness in 2011.  From then on, yoga has been an integral and growing presence in her life. Andrea likes to practice a variety of styles, including ashtanga, vinyasa flow, Iyengar and yin.  Thanks to her nomadic lifestyle, she has been exposed to studios and teachers across the world and believes that she took a little bit from each one.  Her greatest influence has been Marisa Van Vuuren, founder of Zanzi Yoga, where Andrea just completed her 200-hour teacher training in vinyasa flow and ashtanga-based styles in April 2016. She’s excited to return to her mother studio in Dili in June as a freshly minted yoga teacher.


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