04 July 2016

Dili Wellness welcomes back Jill Foster, a certified yoga instructor from the USA living in Bali!
Four special yoga workshops with guest instructor Jill Foster:
Each workshop is $25usd, or $80usd for all 4 workshops. 
Please pre-register by contacting Colleen Coy at: diliwellness@gmail.com. 

Friday 08 July, 6:00-8:00pm
Letting In and Letting Go
Through our heart, joy can stream through us. When closed off, we not only lose capacity for love but for full experience of playful and innocently creative expression. And still, we need to refine what we allow into our lives, and what we let go of to create space for us to grow. Combining work with the heart and lung channels and small and large intestines, we will work through the body to open into full expression of ourselves, while nurturing a wiser sense of discernment in how we choose to live in the first place.

Saturday 09 July, 10:00am-12:00pm, Upstairs Studio
We live in a world of toxins, from the air we breathe to the food we consume. Our liver works hard for us in the process, leaving us with fatigue, sore and dry tendons, and overall stiffness. Aiding the liver and gallbladder, we will practice and breathe intentionally to generate movement through all bodily systems. In this more active approach with asana we can to spring ourselves into enacting upon our dreams with clarity in our vision. If possible, come to this morning workshop on a somewhat empty stomach for heightened benefits.

Monday 11 July, 6:00-8:00pm, Cafe Studio
Digesting Wholeness
Our relationship with food is easily imbalanced, creating a sense of lack within ourselves, so we seek something outside to fill the gap, whether it be food or sugar or needing someone or needing to be needed, and we tend to think about these needs, potentially obsessively. This yoga practice is aimed to fill that gap, to tap into our core, to ground the stomach and spleen channels, bonding with the deeper connection to our body’s needs, raising a sense of earthly ties to the whole of ourselves, leaving us deeply rooted in bodily fulfillment.

Wednesday 13 July, 6:00-8:00pm
All too common in our contemporary lifestyles, we may continue when we need to rest, and most importantly to recharge our battery, sleep. When the adrenals are on, or our nervous system is continually charged, sleep may be difficult and stress is inevitable. Thus we will focus on bringing awareness into the kidneys to offer tools to restore and recharge, while releasing stored tension from the fight and flight response, and alleviating the central nervous system. Expect to sleep well Wednesday night and gain insight into the comfort and relief of a deep, centralizing calm.

Jill Foster: I have journeyed through yoga, beginning with meditation, first and foremost, in 2000. In 2002, I practiced a blend of Kundalini and Vinyasa that saw me through some of the most difficult years of my life. Since, yoga has been my savior. Through challenges for me to dance, when downward dog was too difficult for my state of health, I focused on meditation and breath work. When I couldn’t safely express myself in full range of movement, I practiced yoga and found ground, and always it was a relief. For me Yoga is not about tricks or contortion or anything fancy; Yoga feeds me most when it embodies awareness, intention, breath, and deep connection into growth, whether it be physical, emotional, and/or spiritual. After yearning to intersect Traditional Chinese Medicine with yoga, I recently studied Yoga Therapeutics with Tina Nance in Bali. I am coming to Dili to share knowledge I have learned from her lifetime of diligently gathering information, stemmed from yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu and macrobiotics. Jimi Wollumbin, a doctor of the 2000 year-old practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has handed me a deeper relationship with the philosophy of TCM that is based from Taoism. From this most recent teacher-training course, aligned with my previous anatomical, alignment, and body-mind focus, my own understanding and love for yoga has exploded. The tools provided in this vein are rich and vast, for which I aim to share.

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