11 November 2016

Dili Wellness is happy to welcome Australian dancer Colin Sneesby! Colin will be teaching two dance workshops while he is visiting. These classes are suitable to beginners and first time dancers.
Register in advance if you wish to participate: diliwellness@gmail.com.

Movement Exploration & Contact Improvisation for Parents & Kids
Saturday 19 November
3:30-4:45pm, $20 for 1 parent and 1 child, $5 for additional child
We carry within us the entire evolutionary history of our species. Nature is conservative. She builds on patterns and rarely throws anything away. From the single cell that first pulsed in the primordial ooze to the complex acrobatics of the primate, it all exists stored in our anatomy and expressed in our movements. Come on a journey of exploration as we use movement to explore our evolution, and evolution to explore our movements.

Contact Improvisation & The Feet
Sunday 20 November
6:15-7:45pm, $15
Footwork is important for Contact Improvisation, but the skills learnt are transferable to many other sports, martial arts, and dance forms. This session will explore the obvious, but often overlooked, point of connection to the ground. Responsive, sensitive, articulate feet allow you to rapidly adjust to the fast changes in weight and direction that can occur in Contact Improvisation. We will look at ways to develop the listening capacity and strength of the feet. The class will include drills, games, and investigations gathered from years of classical ballet and martial arts training.

Colin Sneesby started Contact Improvisation when Rinske Ginsberg was using it as the basis of actor movement training at the Victoria College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia in 1989. He went on to have a twenty year performing career which included working as a dancer, actor and puppeteer. Despite being distracted by many other things he continues to explore the form. Some of the things that have distracted Colin have been: various martial arts, strength training, yoga, stretch therapy, rewilding and other aspects of the burgeoning movement culture. Colin has taught Contact Improvisation at NICA, the National Institute of Circus Arts, a professional tertiary training school for the circus arts, and other tertiary dance and theatre courses, and loves teaching beginners.

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