29 January 2017


Ayurveda Within Yoga 
Dili Wellness - Upstairs Studio
Instructor: Ahimsa-ka Satya
Saturdays 10:00-11:30am

These Ayurveda Within Yoga classes are the practical follow-up to 2016’s Ayurveda & Yoga classes.  Last year's sessions were mostly informative; The current sessions will be asana (movement) based from the ayurvedic spectrum.  The classes will sometimes focus on a particular body constitution or Dosha, focus on balancing all 3 Dosha’s, or on giving different practices to different students to balance their particular body constitutions.  NO prior yoga or ayurvedic experience is necessary in order to participate, and these classes are for all levels and abilities.  For every new student Ahimsa-ka will assist in determining their individual constitution, and work toward a balancing yoga session with the help of yoga asana, pranayama (breathing), and meditation techniques.  Both ayurveda and yoga sciences will be used as tools to establish and maintain an equilibrium of a healthy body and a steady mind in an ever changing environment.

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