29 January 2017


Beyond Asana: moving into the field of breath and brain
Dili Wellness - Upstairs Studio
Instructor: Ahimsa-ka Satya
Saturdays 3:15-4:45pm

The amount of actual yoga poses will be limited in this class and we will do a fair amount of sitting.  A main focus of yoga is breath, in particular deep long breaths.  This is what we will explore and exercise in this class.  In an hour and a half we will explore various breathing exercises to deepen and lengthen the breath, together with some medication and relaxation techniques.  This class is a good compliment to a diving or running practice, and is especially beneficial to your general well-being.  No prior experience of yoga is necessary, though it might be beneficial.  As for yoga asana classes, try to arrive with an empty stomach.

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