29 January 2017


Explore different limbs of the eight fold path of yoga, and combine multiple classes for a discount....in Ahimsa-ka's yoga classes.
Saturday's = both Pranayama & BackBend classes for $30 total.
Sunday's = both Workshop & Yin classes for $30 total.

Multiple Card Option: Instead of buying 2 cards the student that takes only a few classes each week can choose to buy the 20x card good for all 1.5 hour classes and just pay an additional $5 for each 2 hour class attended.

Use the gained and balanced prana and one-pointed mind to go into the back bend asanas that need focus and deep breathing; Use the yin class to cool off all the yang of the vinyasa technics class; Take advantage of 4 hours of hip focus and all the different ways to stretch the hips and connective tissue...the hips can be stubborn and need patience.  Explore what can happen in 4 hours of yang and yin yoga!

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