14 April 2017

Don’t miss this special opportunity to try AcroYoga,
with guest instructors on tour from Western Australia!
No previous experience necessary.

3 AcroYoga Workshops:
Wednesday 10 May, 6:30-8:30pm, $20
Friday 12 May, 6:00-8:30pm, $25
Sunday 14 May, 12:30-3:30pm, $30

Or, register for all 3 workshops for $65.
These workshops require pre-registration and pre-payment.  Space is limited.
To register contact: diliwellness@gmail.com.

Acroyoga- A crash course in Flying 
Fundamental Shapes & Flows of AcroYoga
Wednesday 10 May, 6:30-8:30pm
Join us for some fun and laughs as you learn to Base, Fly, & Spot the Fundamental Shapes and Flows of AcroYoga.  Moving through positions like bird, throne, and high flying whale, you can enjoy all aspects of the practice in a safe, progressive, & knowledgeable way.
AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts.  These three lineages form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community.  It may look a little complicated or scary, however anyone can do it and we will cater for complete beginners in the workshop.  If you’re new to AcroYoga or are wanting to build on your foundations, this is the workshop for you.  You will surprise yourself, guaranteed.

Acroyoga Washing Machines…so fresh and so clean.
Washing Machine and therapeutic flying workshop
Friday 12 May, 6:00-8:30pm
As the name suggests, washing machines will take you round and round, and upside down.  They are a continuous flowing sequence of poses that are linked through fun creative transitions.  With the starting pose and the finishing pose being the same, they are able to be repeated again and again without interruption.  Washing machines evolve into a dance.  The flyer gracefully floats, pops, steps, or rolls through the transitions as the base provides guidance and support.  Finding this flow together will cause laughter and an abundance of trust.  After the fun comes the bliss.  We will spend time giving and receiving the gift of touch through therapeutic flying and Thai Massage.  Your body won’t be able to help but soften and unwind as you are massaged and stretched into a state of full relaxation.  You will want it to last forever and will walk out floating on a cloud.

Threedom to Move
Acro Yoga and Movement Workshop
Sunday 14 May, 12:30-3:30pm
Balance By Yourself - Balance with a Partner - Balance without your hands.  
Join us for 3 Mini Workshops in one.  
1. "Getting Upside Down”
We start with ourselves take a look at handstand form, hand placement, head placement, the whys and why nots, ways to enter and exit safely, spotting, and home practice progressions.  Walk in on your feet walk out on your hands.
2. "Get Ready For Steady”
We balance with another.  Find the sweet spots of partner balancing AcroYoga poses.  AcroBalance & Circus are the flavours here. 
3. " Look Mum, No Hands” 
A series of maneuvers where the base uses legs only.  A fun way to explore something new and really refine your footwork and flying abilities.  The workshop is taught progressively for all levels.  If you are new we can get you on the journey and if you have some experience we can give you more tips to get you going.

About the Teachers:
Tori and Raven enjoy finding the harmony and flow in Dynamic AcroYoga and Acrobatic Practice.  Open to a laugh and new adventures you may find them strolling the streets of Fremantle, Tori Standing on Raven’s shoulders, busking at the local markets before lunch, or practicing handstands at Bathers Beach, Rottnest Island, or any other spectacular place in Western Australia.  Raven and Tori will be arriving in Timor-Leste fresh after two months traveling and teaching The West Coast AcroYoga Tour.  We look forward to flying with you soon!

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