01 April 2017


Yoga iha Lian Tetúm!
Day and Time:
Saturdays, 8:30-9:45am

Beginning yoga guided in Tetum language to make the class more accessible to Timorese.  Please note the instructor speaks English and Portuguese, so do not feel excluded if your Tetum is limited.  Come on a drop-in basis with no need to sign up in advance.
Location: Dili Wellness, Comoro
Instructor: Nicole Seibel
Price: Timorese nationals = $2 usd/per session,
Other nationalities = $10 usd/per session.



Sábadu dadersán:
husi tuku 8 ho balun (8:30am) dader to’o tuku 9 liu minutu 45 (9:45am)

Yoga ida ne’e di’ak ba ema sira ne’ebé mak foin hahú. Ita halo neneik no pratika oinsá estika isin-lolon no hakmatek ita-nia neon.  Sei koa’lia ho lian tetúm maibé bele mós esplika ho lian inglês ka portugés.  Bele mai deit (drop-in), la presiza fó-hatene uluk ka halo rejistu.  Dili Wellness iha sasán yoga nian ne’ebé ita bele uza.
Fatin: DILI WELLNESS, Comoro
(supermerkadu Leader nia oin, besik Dili Club no Hari's Restaurante [hahán indianu nian].)
Instrutór: Nicole Seibel
Folin: Timor-oan selu dolár 2 ($2 US)/sesaun ida,
ema husi rai seluk selu dolár 10 ($10 US)/sesaun ida.


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