04 June 2017

K-POP choreography DANCE CLASSES…at Dili Wellness!

Wednesdays 6:45-7:45pm
5 weeks: May 31, June 07, 14, 21, 28 = $30

Pre-registration and pre-payment is necessary.  Contact diliwellness@gmail.com to register.

This class is open to women, men, and teens age 16 and over.
NO previous dance experience necessary!
Class Description:
In this class we will learn to dance K-pop (Korean Pop music) by aiming to complete one or two choreographed dances set to music in a month. I will demonstrate three or four K-pop dances and together we will decide which to learn as a group.  Each member will play a role in the group choreography.

Hello.  My name is Michelle (Sangeun Yeo).  I am from South Korea and I love dancing K-pop!  Previously I won first prize in the K-Pop dance contest in Washington DC, as well as in the several school festivals in South Korea.  I have directed K-pop performances for several festivals and taught K-Pop dance to colleagues when I studied in the USA.  I look forward to teaching you to dance to K-pop songs and sharing the enjoyment of this style of dance with you!  You will love the fun K-pop choreography!  Sangeun teaches completely voluntarily and all payments for her dance classes go to cover studio and administration fees.

Examples of K-pop songs:
Michelle’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmsRxsh8d1JbJor1_FrX3XQ
 (MV) BTS-Fire https://youtu.be/ALj5MKjy2BU
(MV) Lovelyz- Now,we https://youtu.be/UyLQz1y9UzE
(Performance) GD x Taeyang- Good Boy https://youtu.be/hySk1m57PAQ
(Performance) Sistar- I like that https://youtu.be/g_etUUuipAs

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