Colleen Coy
Pilates | Ballet | Contemporary Dance & Creative Movement | Yoga

Colleen Coy graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dance from the University of Wisconsin, USA.  She received her Pilates teaching certifications (Beginning-Advanced on Mat and all Pilates equipment) through Movement Insights in the USA.  Her Yogaworks 200 hour yoga teacher training certification focused on a mixture of Iyengar and Ashtanga methods.  Colleen completed her 500 hour advanced yoga teacher training certification course with Scott Anderson of Alignment Yoga, therapeutic yoga, in the USA.  Colleen learned Russian method Vaganova ballet and trained at acclaimed institutions such as the Joffrey Ballet, and has performed and toured with ballet and modern dance companies in the USA.
As an instructor, Colleen brings to her teaching a profound understanding of the body gained through her extensive movement and body-work history.  Her teaching takes a holistic approach focusing on proper alignment, the development of core strength, flexibility, balance, and overall body awareness, with respect for individual pain and injury.  Colleen works with each client, assisting them to explore the creative and restorative processes of the body.

Hector Hill

Hector has been learning and practicing various styles of yoga on-and-off for over thirty years.  He was first introduced to yoga in 1982 by attending teachings from Paramahansa Satyananda, founder of the Bihar School of Yoga, at Mangrove Creek Ashram in Australia and he later attended regular classes with Satyananda, Ashtanga, and Iyengar Yoga teachers.  Hector completed the YogaWorks 200-hour teaching certificate program in July 2012.  Hector is currently undertaking his 500 hour advanced yoga teacher training certification with Scott Anderson of Alignment Yoga in the USA.

Ahimsa-ka Satya

Ahimsa-ka received his 300 hour yoga teaching certification in 2011 in yoga and yoga therapy in Mysore, India after a year of voluntary yoga study at a retreat in Hawaii.  He has been teaching since then in Bali, Indonesia and frequently goes back to India to continue his yoga studies and to deepen his own yoga practice.  His teachings are a reflection of his daily yoga practice and will provide a sense of completeness for body and mind by taking the body as a starting point to move within.  It is strongly influenced by the Ashtanga Style of yoga, but definitely not limited to it.  Ahimsa-ka's main aim is to empower the student to use yoga as a tool to create a fuller and holistic way of living.

Emma Parker

Having lived in more than a dozen places in nine countries, Emma has been fortunate to have had many adventures...however she is just as interested in the 'adventure within'!  Encountering diverse cultures and people becomes even more exciting and fulfilling when accompanied by encounters with our own bodies, minds, and spirits.  Practicing yoga for almost ten years, Emma completed a 200+ hour yoga teacher training course at the Yoga and Meditation School of India in Melbourne, Australia in 2015.  She has previously taught students at the University of Melbourne, where she integrated yoga into broader well-being programs.  A new arrival to Dili in November 2016, Emma is looking forward to getting to know the yoga community here and further exploring how yoga can heal, bring people together, and invigorate people to adventure within themselves!  Classes taught by Emma follow the holistic principles of traditional yoga and incorporate elements of hatha and ashtanga streams of yoga.

Märta Bailes

Märta Bailes is a Registered Yoga Alliance teacher and graduate of Jeevmoksha Institute of Yoga Studies in Rishikesh, India.  Her career in teaching yoga began after many years working as a massage therapist, often helping people overcome physical injuries and or mental stress.  From her own personal experience she knew yoga could be a solution for both ailments as it helps prevent injury and alleviate stress.  With this in mind she decided to make a career shift to share the gifts of yoga as an instructor in 2010.

Märta teaches vinyasa flow classes with an emphasis on alignment and breath awareness.  In these classes students move through carefully constructed sequences which alternate energetic flows with gentle holds.  Her compassionate instruction is committed to helping her students feel long and lighter, calmer and brighter.

Jude Finch

Jude has been practicing yoga for over 30 years, teaching yoga for 15 years, and holds a JI 1 teaching certification in Iyengar method yoga.  She has taught at the Blue Mountains Yoga Studio in Australia most recently.  Jude is currently working in Timor-Leste as an AVI volunteer for the Alola Foundation and has had a relationship with Timor-Leste for over 10 years.

Nicole Seibel

Nicole's main aim is to encourage people who have never practiced yoga to try.  Many people have the perception that they are too old, too inflexible, or too out of shape to do yoga, but yoga is for every type of body.  If you can breathe, you can come join the practice.  Nicole speaks Tetum and Portuguese.  Timor-oan bem vindu ba aula!

James Ivaska


James Ivaska has been practicing therapeutic massage for 13 years.  He received his bachelor's and master's degrees in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois, USA and has since treated hundreds of people for chronic pain or injuries.  He has treated problems such as lower back pain, a stiff neck, knee injuries, and much more.  James is also a certified neuromuscular therapist and personal trainer.  He provides targeted manuel therapy to address musculoskeletal problems, general western massages to maintain muscular health, and suggestions for self care.

Sangeun Yeo (Michelle)

K-Pop Dance

Hello.  My name is Michelle (Sangeun Yeo).  I am from South Korea and I love dancing K-pop!  Previously I won first prize in the K-Pop dance contest in Washington DC, as well as in the several school festivals in South Korea.  I have directed K-pop performances for several festivals and taught K-Pop dance to colleagues when I studied in the USA.  I look forward to teaching you to dance to K-pop songs and sharing the enjoyment of this style of dance with you!  You will love the fun K-pop choreography!  Sangeun teaches completely voluntarily and all payments for her dance classes go to cover studio and administration fees.


Alessia Anibaldi said...

Colleen is the most amazing and inspiring Pilates instructor I've ever met. I had the pleasure to take both the group as well as individual classes with her. Her ability to draw people in and guide each person through visualisation of breathing and movement techniques, whilst being respectful of the individual's pace, is incredible.

Aliena Molly said...

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